Welcome to our new ‘state of the art’ Sudoku generator:

Many of our users in different countries have asked us why we don’t have a Sudoku generator on our website.

Our obvious (and some might even say arrogant) answer has been that we do crossword puzzles – not Sudokus.

But we decided to put our narrow minded word pride aside for a while – and the result is this beautiful sudoku generator that works perfectly on both your computer and your mobile phone (and tablet of course). Look for a short how-to-use guide underneath the generator – or get started right away!

Sudoku on your smartphone

Choose your desired level of difficulty and get started. Touch the screen as soon as you’ve figured out which empty field you want to fill in. A ‘wheel of numbers’ now appears, and you simply just drag your finger towards the number that you wish to apply. If you get it wrong, just tap the wrong number and drag your finger to the delete symbol.

Sudoku on your tablet

Please view the mobile description above as the same game play applies with your tablet.

Sudoku on your computer

On your computer it is basically the same as with your phone or tablet. You can click any empty field and then drag the mouse towards the desired number you wish to apply. The only difference is that you can use the keyboard on your device.

Brag and share with friends

Our general rule of thumb is that we don’t want many ‘rabbit in a hat tricks’ on our websites (nor in our apps). We enjoy the clean design where everything is about the game. Therefore, it’s almost revolutionary for us to announce that you can click the ‘share symbol’ and send your result to a friend – including a link to the same sudoku that you just solved yourself – if you think you are better/faster than him or her of course:)

How to solve sudokus?

If you don’t exactly know what sudokus are all about please allow me to give you a quick crash course. I take for granted that you’ve understood the few technical details described above.

Basically you need to fill in the numbers from 1-9 in the empty fields. Your challenge is not to use the same number twice (or more) in the same straight line (horizontal as well as vertical) – nor in the same box (that consists of 9 fields. Once you succeed using all 9 numbers in every box AND every line – well, then you know how to crack sudoku puzzles.

Good luck with it!


The Sudoku Generator has been created for by Bitfabrikken.