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How to get your crossword clues?

Using this crossword clues / help tool is very easy. Enter the known letters of the word you are trying to solve – and the ? symbol for every unknown or uncertain letter.

An example of this could be the following situation: ?ro?s?or?– if you type this in, you will get one solution only . The fewer known letters, the more possible solutions (if you adjust to ?ro???or? you suddenly have several more possible solutions).

The most complete crossword dictionary

With this tool we aim to be the most complete crossword help tool on the market. The way we are doing this is by integrating several dictionaries which means that the possibility of capturing all words have been maximised.

Please be aware that both spelling of British English and American English occurs in the dictionary.

Crossword solver or crossword helper?

Well, crosswords aren’t really any fun if you could just have it solved for you – what we try to with this tool, is to provide crossword clues – simply solving the puzzle for you would just be cheating – at least seen from our perspective being enthusiasts and working as crossword constructors.

We want to keep the concept of solving crosswords as fun and challenging as possible – using the dictionary above is a fair weapon when you get absolutely stuck. But let us be honest – solving that expert crossword without help from tools or dictionaries feels absolutely amazing!

That said, we also have to be honest enough and admit that we use this tool ourselves when we get stuck.

We wish you the best of good luck solving your next crossword puzzle!

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