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We recommend you to download our free app for Android or iOS  where you’ll always find 30 crosswords waiting for you to challenge them. Every day a new puzzle is uploaded to replace the oldest puzzle in the app.

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Welcome to the new and improved

We have already provided online crosswords to tens of thousands of word enthusiastic users all over the world for several years – and now we’ve made our website even better giving you the chance to start cracking crossword puzzles in just a second – no sign up process is needed – no barriers whatsoever!

Scandinavian crosswords in style and design

You probably already know the Scandinavian style crosswords – but if it sounds unfamiliar, please allow us to make a small presentation in this short video (30 seconds):

It is just as easy at it looks. In Scandinavian crosswords, the clues are embedded in the squares, right where you’ll need them – no confusing text of explanation underneath the puzzle.

Still not ready to download? Let us give you a small preview of how the app looks like. These images take you through the making of one of our free online crosswords available in the app: