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Welcome to our free crosswords app page – with’s English crossword app you are guaranteed to always have 30 crossword puzzles on your phone or tablet – and the best part is, that we are uploading one new puzzle for you, every single day – all 365 days of year.

Free crosswords app for iOS & Android

Choose app store to visit depending on the device you you use – and get started with your new free crossword app today! We hope you’ll enjoy the puzzles as much as we did creating them.


Kostenlose kreuzworträtsel-app für Android


Kostenlose kreuzworträtsel-app für iOS / Apple / iPhone / iPad


We have 5 years of experience with developing crossword apps. Starting out in Denmark and Sweden we have now worked our way into English and German – and soon French, Spanish and Portuguese will follow in our aim to cover all the major, transnational European languages.

Classic crosswords – created by professionals

All crossword puzzles are created by professionals in their mother tongue. Our apps are created in a simplistic, Scandinavian style and design with focus on the actual puzzles – no rabbit-in-a-hat-tricks. Just good and solid crossword puzzles made just like you used to find them in newspapers and magazines.

That is how we like them. And this is how our users have downloaded our crossword apps more than 25.000 times, solving more than 200.000 crosswords across the different languages.

If you wish to watch a short (30 seconds) introduction video you will find it here.

We wish you a lot of fun with our free crossword app!