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The daily crossword puzzle – keep your brain in shape

Recent studies claim to prove what most of us already assumed  – solving crossword puzzles on a regular basis will not only benefit your general level of intelligence, it also slows down the inevitable mental decay that comes with age. However we have to admit that intelligence nor preventing mental diseases aren’t the primary goal for us.

In a world where many of us live our lives in the fast lane and very few breaks – not to mention the thousands of distractions we get from time consuming inputs that we many times would have rather lived without. Crosswords and sudokus  are both great ways to spend those few breaks that you get during the day. They clear your mind off work or other real life situations that you are constantly facing.

Crosswords are a lot of fun – that’s why they have been so popular for generations and all across the world. If you come back to solve the daily puzzle every day you will quickly notice how fast your mind develops a larger vocabulary and finds new ways to tackle difficult situations. To challenge yourself. Try to measure how much time you spend on the first puzzle and again after a week – unless you are already in a great crossword puzzle shape, we can guarantee faster and better results.

We wish you a lot of fun cracking our daily crossword puzzles.

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